From Initial Design to Full Site Build

When it comes to a beautiful finished product, there are a lot of steps along the way that must be taken in order to achieve the desired result for you, the client. Sometimes, great design ideas are lost in translation from designer to developer. With many hands in the pot, it can be difficult to have everyone on the same path. Remember the old telephone game, where you whisper in someone’s ear and pass it around the table? By the time it gets back to you the message is often a shell of what it originally was.

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I Simplify The Process To Deliver What You Imagined

Having the ability to design from scratch and implement those designs into fully functioning websites allows me to skip the noise of the design hand-off to developers and stay laser focused on creating a finished product that aligns with your vision. I work closely with you in the beginning to outline your goals and your desired outcome, and then, produce design mockups for you to review. Once the designs are finalized, I develop your site in Webflow, adding engaging interactive animations to delight your users.

I Work With You To Balance Design & SEO Performance

A beautiful, user friendly design is great, but you need your website to perform in search engine results. That said, a high ranking website that is confusing and visually unimpressive is not your goal either. Sometimes the principles of SEO and UX design contradict each other. But there is a balance, and in fact, UX design plays a crucial role in SEO performance. The key is having a designer and developer who understands how to find the optimal balance to give you the best outcome.

The Design-To-Development Process


Initial Consultation

Whether working for an agency or freelancing, I work with my clients to understand their goals, expectations, and timeframe for completion. It’s important to get as much information from the client as they can provide, and to honestly convey what is possible so that everyone is on the same page.


Design Mockups

After gaining a full understanding of the project scope, the next step is to begin the design phase. Sometimes that will involve talking directly to the client’s users to get an understanding of their needs and issues with the current site. Sometimes it is a total start-from-scratch project and there are no users to poll. In either case, it is important to generate design mockups early in the process so the client can review and advise of any suggested changes.


Client Sign-Off

Once the mockups have been presented and the client has had a chance to suggest any changes, I will ask for an approval to move forward to begin the development process. It is important that the client understand at this point, changes to the design are more difficult to implement and should be kept to a minimum to avoid significant delays in the process. While I will accommodate any request, changing the design significantly during the development process is tedious and time-consuming, so all major changes should be handled before development begins if possible.


Development Process

This is where the Webflow advantage comes into play. In many cases, designers would hand-off the designs to developers who would then turn the designs into a functioning website. When designers don’t understand the limitations of web development, you as a client could be in a position where you’ve signed off on something that is not realistically do-able for developers. Because I can develop in Webflow, that problem is solved. You will never be presented with a design that is not able to be 100% developed exactly as it is shown to you.

Your Satisfaction Is The Only Goal

So when is a project done? When you’re satisfied with the results. Unlike high-priced agencies who offer a set number of revisions, I believe the desired results are the finish line for a project, not a specified number of attempts to get it right. I approach it this way because it’s the right thing to do, and ultimately, I want to have you as a client for life, not just for a project. So let’s work together and make your website dreams into a reality.

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